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Is there something in your life you'd like to change yet something keeps you from doing so? Let Judith facilitate you as you explore the many possibilities for approaching lasting change.

Judith began studying the Healing Tao* in 1983, and sound with Sarah Benson in 1985. She studied the psychology of health and illness for her BS degree at Lesley College, and earned an MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University in 2006. Judith published The Little Grounding Book in 1993, More Than Meets The Eye: Energy in 1999, The Well-Being Switch in 2006, and The Be-In-Better-Balance Book in 2008. Her company has been a certified Women Owned Business with SOMWBA, the State Office of Minority and Women Business Assisstahce, since 1994..

Judith teaches Qigong, T'ai Chi and Energy Medicine classes, as well as a Sacred Writing course: "Write Now!" Her articles have been published in BodyMindSpirit. She authored "Health Matters", a column for Connections and "Keeping Up" for Equinox (both have since discontinued publishing). She has been involved in disability policy research, and her work includes helping individuals transition to employment after experiencing a disability.

While she works with many modalities, Judith often explains that there are many roads to roam (or Rome). The technique is not nearly as important as one's intention and willingness to increase awareness and shift focus to one's emotions and energy. The biggest shift she's noticed is made when the question changes from "why am I experiencing (fill in the blank)" to "how can I address the imbalance I've noticed energetically?"

Among modalities that Judith draws on in her work are Allergy Antidotes, Applied Kinesiology, Be Set Free Fast, Biogenesis Crystals, Brain Gym, collage, Cosmic Healing Qigong, crystals, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Psychology, Family Constellation work, Flower Essences, Healing From the Body Level Up (TM), the Healing/Universal Tao, Holographic Light Treatments, Kinesiology, the Lazaris Material, Mayan Light Language, Natal Astrology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sacred Geometry, Shamanic Journeying, Shamballa Reiki, the Sedona Method (TM), the Sound Current, T'ai Chi, Tapas Acupuncture Technique, Qigong, and writing.

For over thirty years Judith's primary adventure has been learning how to live in shaman's body. Having served the apprenticeship of the wounded healer, there is nothing that delights her more now than sharing the tools that she has found most effective. In her own life and in her work with others Judith has repeatedly seen convincing evidence that we possess unlimited potential for healing She loves sharing what she has learned, facilitating retreats and seminars, and working with individuals to push the boundaries of healing forward and eliminate limiting beliefs held in the subconscious.

* Judith presented at the 2010 Tao Congress at Tao Garden in Thailand in September 2010. Learn about Tao Congress presentations here. Click here to view the trailer of the documentary film, "How It All  Began:  The Origins of the Universal Healing Tao".  


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What People are Saying:

"Judith Poole is a wonderful, joyous, informed, caring, energetic person." BB, class member

"My husband says that he notices a real difference in me since I've been going to Judith's classes. I think what he means is that I'm more relaxed, less uptight." SC, class member

"You've managed to integrate the Healing Tao practices and philosophy in a way that is very practical. I've been a student of Taoist practices for many years. Yet coming to this retreat led to a deep shift and a refreshing new perspective." JK retreatant

"The Energy Psychology week was astounding. I came to learn technologies (which I did) but I also was able to release many of my own issues – most impressively the pain and stiffness from arthritis."  B Bush, MD . Retreatant  [Note: Bill had not been able to close his hands in a fist or to bring his thumb to the base of his baby finger for the past 15 years. On the third day of our retreat he was able to do just that.]

"Judith. You are inspirational." D.W. Energy Psychology Colleague

"In talking with you and reading your posts you have helped expand my way of thinking. What I like about you so much is that you think way out of the box and I do so enjoy that, and you’ve helped me, showed me, indirectly anyway, to do more of that for myself. So, thank you Judith. From a long-time admirer of you, your work and your wonderful, creative and amazing Mind." VS, Colleague.