Opportunities listed here are Multilevel Marketing Companies - MLM.

First and foremost, these companies make products available that I find I can trust.
These products are not available in retail stores but instead are marketed through distributors.

Some people are able to turn these opportunities into successful businesses, making very impressive incomes. Others, like myself, do not focus on buidling a business selling a single product or company line. Rather, I present these to you as a way to enhance the range of services and support I can offer.

Years ago I belonged to a group that discussed a recently published book with the premise that we are all entrepreneurs. According to this individual, the versatility and willingness to self-promote required of a successful entrepreneur would soon be required of all actors in the marketplace. Today it seems this point is well taken. Many who were used to being cast in the role of employee, working for someone else have seen their positions disappear from the labor market. I remember how struck I was by the plentiful entrepreneurial spirit apparent in Cairo when I traveled there in the mid-1990's. Maybe we are heading in that direction too. It just might be a step in our conscious evolution.

The products I have included under the heading "opportunities" are all ones I use myself.

I offer you the opportunity to investigate these products yourself. See if these are products you would find useful. If so, you might also wish to explore the possibilities of joining any of these companies and marketing the products as well. That gives you a way to help cover expenses, and the possibility, if you are interested in doing so, to develop a profitable business.

Keep your eye on this spot. I will soon be adding information about a superb water treatment system and companies that provide protection from Electromagnetic Pollution (i.e, cell phones, televisions, computers, and so forth).