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Transformational Energetic and

Emotional Clearing

Tools for the Spiritual Warrior

now available by phone or in person

Address Somatic, Emotional, and Energetic complaints successfully
the potent tools of energy medicine and energy psychology,
discipline of Taoist practices, and the experience, intuition and wisdom of a seer

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Allergies    Anxiety    Arthritis    Attention Deficit Disorder    Autoimmune Issues    Back Pain    Bi-Polar Syndrome    Chronic Fatigue    Depression Elimination of Energetic Toxins    Emotional Friability    Fibromyalgia    Grounding    Migraine    Headaches Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Panic Disorder    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder    Sjogren's Syndrome Sports Injuries

Judith trained extensively, following the path dictated by spirit for her own healing journey

Allergy Antidotes     Applied Kinesiology     Be Set Free Fast     Biogenesis Crystals     Brain Gym,     Cosmic Healing Qigong      Donna Eden's Energy Medicine    Emotional Freedom Technique     Energy Psychology     Family Constellation work     Flower Essences    Healing From the Body Level Up      Healing Sound     Color and Light Treatments      Healing Tao Meditation      Journey Through the Nine Dimensions     Kinesiology     the Lazaris Material     Matrix Energetics     Mayan Light Language     Natal Astrology    Reconnection    Reiki   Sedona Method    Shamanic Journeying     Shamballa  T'ai Chi    Tapas Acupressure Technique    Transformational Kinesiology    Qigong    Writing    Yuen Energetics


Suffering is optional now

Let spirit help you with what you need help with


Judith facilitates a week long retreat each summer, affording participants the chance for accelerated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

To sponsor a retreat or week-end seminar in your area contact Judith
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