Energy Anatomy
The Aura, Chakras and Major Meridians


What you see is less than what you get. We are made up of four bodies: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All but the physical are often referred to as the aura or energy bodies. Within these subtle bodies are energy vortexes, known as Chakras, which is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel".

The seven major chakras on the body correspond to endocrine glands, colors of the rainbow, notes of the scale. There are also minor chakras in the extremities. Each of the points used in acupuncture can be thought of as tiny chakras. A chakra opens below the feet to connect us deeply with the Earth. And a number of more etheric chakras are located above the head.

This course presents a map of the properties and correlations between chakras, organs, psychological issues, colors and tones. Learn how to measure the activity and size of the chakras using pendulums, and explore ways to balance the energy. Several meditations and exercises for clearing, and balancing, energy are presented.